Oncocur is leading advancing cancer care

ONCOCUR is an emerging nanomedicine company with a focus on next generation nanoparticles based precision therapeutics for oncology. Oncocur team endeavours to make life changing next generation nano-therapeutic and nano-adjuvant interventions available to advanced cancer.

We have a portfolio of selective phyto-nano medicine and adjuvants for advanced cancer care. We cherish to present the age old Ayurvedic practices amalgamated with newer technologies and bring it to society in a contemporary form.

Why Choose us?

100% Organic Medicine

Oncocur India is a nano drug discovery and development company with a portfolio of safer and selective phyto-nano medicine for the treatment of cancers.

Phyto-Nano Drugs

It disrupt drug resistance in tumors by targeting pathways of apoptic mechanisms in cancer cells and simultaneously activating the immune cells for preventing cancer cell proliferation.

Cancer Therapies

We develop novel and cost effective phyto-nano drug targets for anti-neutropenia and anti-cancer. It fastens improvement post surgery and chemotherapy.


Our strength derived from our unique ability of understanding best of pharmaceutical knowledge with the bio-nanotech tools and techniques to address the unmet needs of cancer.

Tested & Patented

A Proprietary Blend of patented and tested herbal actives empowered with state of art nanobiotechnology. Reduces Side effects of chemotherapy

Balanced with Nature

We cherish to present the age old Ayurvedic practices amalgamated with newer technologies and bring it to society in a contemporary form.

Unique chemo-immune therapy.
Effective adjuvant for chemotherapy.
Plays pivotal role in cancer cell death.
Reduces hepatocellular toxicity.
Decreases adverse effects of radiation
Reduces side effects of chemotheraphy
Highly bioavailable turmeric extract
Acts as an immunomodulator.
Fastens improvement post surgery.
Effective relapse preventive anti-cancer.
Fastens Healing post surgery.
Source of Calcium & Phosphate.
Acts as an immunomodulator
Highly bioavailable turmeric extract.
Effective in bone metastasis prevention.
Reduces side effects of chemotheraphy
Reduces Hepatocelluar toxicity
Reduces risk of Osteoporosis.

Meet Our Researchers


Dr Vijay Kanuru, CEO, Oncocur

Dr Vijay Kanuru is a serial entrepreneur, leads management strategy, technology innovation and execution to achieve business goals by identifying, prioritizing and implementing both technology and business development portfolios. As the Founder and CEO of Oncocur India, his vision and passion are the key driving forces in establishing a visionary pre-eminent cancer nanomedicine company, develops novel nano drug targets for the treatment of cancer.

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