ONCOCUR is an emerging nanomedicine company with a focus on next generation nanoparticles based precision therapeutics for oncology. Nanoparticle drugs has the potential to work against multi drug resistance deadly cancers, and offers better therapeutic index by selective targeting, lower drug toxicity, greater intracellular availability and gene regulation.

Oncocur develops novel metal and metal oxide nanoparticles based drugs either standalone or therapeutic combinations for the treatment of cancer. Using our strong expertise in nanoscience, pharma and biotech disciplines, we identify and develop innovative and safer chemo-immune therapeutic pre-clinical candidates for advanced cancer care.

Oncocur endeavours these life changing nanotherapeutic interventions available to the patients.

Business Model: Identification of nanoparticle targets both novel and standard, and build a pipeline of nanoparticle drug candidates with strong pre-clinical data both in-house development and acquiring IP rights. Thereafter partner to take the products with pharma companies or cancer research institutes to generate clinical data for regulatory approvals through licensing the IP rights or joint development.

What We Do: Primarily new target identification, drug design, formulation development, in-vitro cell line studies and pre-clinical data on animals for regulatory filings for clinical trials.

Strengths: Our strength derived from our unique ability of understanding and integrating best of pharmaceutical knowledge and nanodrug design with the bio-nanotech tools and techniques to address the unmet needs of cancer.

Team: The core competency of the organization comes from our competent and experienced executive team as well as renowned advisory board, who have excellent technology, business, preclinical and clinical research credentials combined with global exposure. The company is promoted and executed by a team of passionate individuals who believe in innovation and development of novel cancer nanotherapeutics to the market.

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