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Tackling cancer with nano-drugs


Vijay Kanuru [2006] is just about to expand his nano-drug development firm in the UK after success in India. Oncocur Limited develops nano-drugs to fight cancer and builds on Vijay’s PhD research into nanoparticles. He says: “Cancer is growing across the world. There are two main challenges: the toxicity of treatments and the fact that cancers are becoming […]

Emergence of nano herbal drugs!


Despite their tremendous therapeutic potential, poor bioavailability, metabolic instability and aqueous insolubility impeding herbal drug’s commercialization potential as main stream medicine. The development of nanoherbal composites and nano drug delivery systems are indispensable to overcome various constraints of traditional herbal dosage forms like poor bioavailability, in vivo stability, aqueous insolubility, intestinal absorption and unspecific site […]