Nanotechnology enables the development of more effective and safer versions of standard drugs and novel, multifunctional and cost effective Metal Oxide-Metal (MOM) nanodrugs. Oncocur is working on MOM platform based novel nano drug targets and nanoparticle versions of standard drugs for various cancer subtypes.

  • AUOM- conjugated Gold nanoparticle formulations
  • NANOTAM-nanoparticles of standard drugs Tamoxifen with MOF delivery vector

Oncocur identifies and develops pipe-line of numerous nanoparticle drug targets for breast, ovarian and lung cancers for which pre-clinical investigations are under way.

Breast Cancer
One of the prevalent types of breast cancers for which recurrence rate is high with the existing chemotherapies. We have developed orally administered and optimised nano drug cocktail formulation, which is in the process of detailed preclinical studies for regulatory filing.

One of the aggressive and challenging forms of cancer where there is no specific drug in the market for this cancer subtype and our drug lead shows effective in killing this type of cancer cells.

Ovarian Cancer
The need of the hour is to develop new drug candidates for malignant cancer stem cells, which have become resistant to the conventional drugs like Cisplatin and Carboplatin. Oncocur nano drug candidates shows promising results against these cell lines and which can be effective at intracellular level of tumour by easily overcoming the cancer cell diffusion barriers unlike the commercial drugs in the market.

Lung Cancer:
Lung cancer is responsible for highest number of casualties among the cancer subtypes. We are developing aerosol based nanoparticles via nasal routes.

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