The standard drugs have become ineffective due to drug resistance and invariably toxic to the healthy immune cells. Cancer operates in multiple pathways, which is highly complex at both cellular (cell heterogeneity in a tumor) and molecular levels (multiple oncogenes). Even expensive gene and immunotherapies unable to control the evolutionary mechanisms of cancer cell.

Our cost effective nanomedicine platform MOM (Metal Oxide-Metal) offers numerous advantages to disrupt aggressive drug resistance cancers by multiple functions and multi-path way targeting at the cellular and molecular levels simultaneously.

Our technology comprises primarily integrated nanodrug design and proprietary formulations. We design MOM nanoparticles based drugs as anti-cancer agents based on the following mechanistic principles.

  • Selective targeting of cancers cells- Functionalising metal nanoparticles for preferential binding of high lipid concentrated membrane of cancer cell.
  • Optimal nanometric size to overcome the cell barriers for intracellular availability and maximum cytotoxicity against malignant cancer cells and minimal to the healthy tissues.
  • Polymer functionalised metal nanoparticle hides the nanoparticle from the immune system allows in the blood stream without being attacked.
  • Releasing the drug pay load at the tumor by drug encapsulation with the nanovectors and delivery by diffusion mechanism for sustained release of drug over a period of time.
  • Apoptosis mechanism- disrupting the cell membrane and subsequently mitochondria and nucleus of cancer cells.
  • Proliferation by passive immunotherapy – proliferation of cancer cells can be controlled by immunomodulators by activating the lymphocytes and other immune cells.
  • Activation of tumour suppressor protein P53 and other guardian proteins at the molecular level.
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